British Conference Exhibition

It’s no surprise that the UK has a mature and sophisticated industry catering to events, conferences and exhibition organizations with a suitable infrastructure.

The UK is one of the top industrial and commercial countries in the European Union and indeed the world, being one of only four trillion dollar economies in the EU. With the capital, London, a dominant global player in financial and professional services for global clients, it should come as no surprise that the UK has a mature and sophisticated industry catering to events, conferences and exhibition organizations with the right infrastructure.

UK Trade Show Calendar

The UK also has a history of hosting exhibitions and conferences at least towards the Industrial Revolution with Empire Exhibitions and Alexandra Palace hosting the World Fair. Such a large international event is simply a representative of the service sector that has served exhibitions and conferences for a variety of other commercial and non-profit events that have been fueled by the legacy of trade, industrial innovation and scientific excellence found in the UK.

The demand in the UK for venues to accommodate small, medium and large business and social events has resulted in a growing range of conference and exhibition centers. Further growth is being stimulated by the 2012 Olympics award to London, and additional infrastructure is being developed with the current budget of £ 9 billion, a substantial share of which will benefit the commercial sector and increase international recognition for the UK as a whole as a place to transact business.

Exhibitions and events

The UK has spent billions and continues to develop infrastructure to meet the demand for conference and exhibition venues that address the needs of business and nonprofit users of all sizes. Every city in the UK has sizable conference and exhibition facilities ranging from large-scale complexes such as Olympia and Excel in London, the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, Cardiff International Arena, and Gmex, Manchester. Not only are these venues well-served to accommodate exhibitions and conferences, but also the transportation infrastructure whether by air, rail or road, allows easy and cost effective attendance for national and international attendees.

As the world’s leading developer of new technology and commercial innovation, UK conference and exhibition venues can take advantage of the latest in effective presentation and communication tools, coupled with a highly experienced and dedicated service sector providing accommodation, transportation and publicity to attract and maintain rates. visitors and interests.

The UK’s conference and exhibition centers currently host some of the biggest events in the world such as The Ideal Homes Exhibition at Earls Court in London, the largest such house exhibition in the world. Other national and international exhibitions such as the Motor Show at NEC, Birmingham and the Boat Show in ExCel, London provide a very effective platform for product launches and are large events spanning acres of space where sales generate hundreds of millions earned.

From public open events to private ones, London in particular hosts meetings of the shareholders of some of the largest companies in the world. London in particular is the ideal choice for commercial exhibitions and conferences, as there is a huge pool of talented professionals and specialist service providers providing access to banking, legal, technology and accounting assistance.

The UK also has a rich history of academic and professional excellence, being a leader in research and pharmaceutical sciences generating billions of home and international sales and growing a huge demand for academic conference facilities served by hundreds of universities and research companies across the country.

A key feature of the conference and exhibition services sector in the UK is wide access to these events, not only by big budget players, but also by small and medium-sized companies looking to break into the market and bring the public’s attention to their commercial endeavors. There are hundreds of exhibition and conference organizers providing access to a variety of events to suit their needs and requirements.