Conference on Health and Climate

Overview of the Conference

On the margins of the COP26 UN climate change summit, the 2021 Global Conference on Health and Climate Change will convene, with a special focus on Climate Justice and the Healthy and Green Recovery from COVID-19. The conference’s goal is to encourage governments, businesses, institutions, and financial actors to work together to recover from COVID-19 in a green, healthy, and resilient manner. The Conference will highlight and encourage nations’ ambitious and fair Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement that promote and safeguard health. It will also help to mobilise the fast developing global community of health professionals who are driving bold climate action.


WHO has consistently emphasised the importance of countries working together as one global family to confront the pandemic’s effects in the global response to COVID-19. Climate change, which poses a worldwide health hazard, necessitates global collaboration, more funding, and an equal distribution of solutions.

The Paris Agreement is the most important tool for present and future generations to achieve a more stable and secure environment. The Paris Agreement is primarily concerned with caring for people and protecting them from an uncertain and increasingly dangerous future. Everyone has a right to a healthy environment that is free of pollution and its detrimental effects.

Climate change requires transformational action in every area, including energy, transportation, nature, food systems, and finance, to protect people’s health. The advantages to public health from taking these bold climate steps substantially outweigh the costs. Health leaders throughout the world have been raising awareness about climate change and are increasingly adopting efforts to safeguard their communities from rising climate consequences while lowering their own emissions.


The Conference’s main topic is a Healthy and Green Recovery, which will include sessions on each of the WHO Manifesto’s six prescriptions: nature, food systems, sustainable infrastructure, clean energy, cities, and pollution reduction.

The Conference will also highlight some of the key findings of the “The Health Argument for Climate Action – A COP26 Special Report,” as well as the health co-benefits of a wide range of climate policies, such as clean energy policies, air quality measures, subsidy reform, smart agriculture and sustainable food systems, educational and civil society participation, nature-based solutions, and others.