Tech Conferences

Are you looking for the best technology events to attend in 2021? Searching the internet for event information can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve taken care of everything! Over 100 tech conferences from around the world will be held in 2021, according to this carefully curated conference directory.

The production kit for virtual events

The Tech Events on this list take place all year and cover a wide range of industries, including SaaS and FinTech, as well as startup events and more. Let’s go over the different types of events you’ll see to help you navigate this list.


The backbone of the tech events industry is IRL and virtual conferences powered by virtual event software, which can be B2C or B2B events. Attendees are educated, informed, or trained at these events.


Trade shows allow businesses in a specific industry to display their products and services. Unlike most conferences, which are open to the public, trade shows typically require a screening process for buyers, company representatives, and the media.


Though the terms “summit” and “conference” are often used interchangeably, summits are typically smaller in size and comprised of higher-level executives. Summits can also be used in the same way that conferences are used.


Seminars are similar to mini-conferences in that they are significantly smaller in scope and often only last one day.

Many events have decided to go virtual in light of the extraordinary circumstances that will occur in 2020. This is unsurprising, given that over 90% of event marketers aim to invest extensively in digital experiences in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual events and the condition of the business, download our Event Marketing 2020 Report.

Hundreds of technology and IT conferences are held each year, providing attendees with access to top specialists, sneak peeks at the latest innovations, and unique networking opportunities that can help you progress your career.

Of course, several yearly conferences have moved online to virtual convention centres in the past year, and many more have been cancelled entirely. More online-only events are expected in 2021. The benefits of these virtual gatherings include:

Without the stress of travel, you can hear directly from leaders in a more intimate setting. You can engage with the content when you’re ready by spreading it out or recording it.

Many of these activities are free of charge. Even those with registration costs are thousands of dollars less expensive than in-person events. (Attend a high-priced seminar you’ve always wanted to go to!) We investigate and produce a list of the top IT and tech conferences each year, as we do every year. We’re delighted to share the top conferences of the year with you. This list is sorted by date and will be updated on a regular basis, so keep checking back.